Here you will find racing tips from established platforms. We only rank racing tips that have value. You will, therefore, find both free services and paid. All racing tips come from professional tipsters.

We, therefore, only suggest racing tips from platforms that we trust. Down below, you’ll find the best websites for racing tips in the UK today.

Racing Tips Today


Tipstrr is a free horse racing platform that provides punters with both free & paid horse racing tips.
Return of investment: 24,73%
Cost: Free
Active users: 5k

Betting Gods

Betting gods is a free horse racing platform that provides punters with both free & paid horse racing tips.
Return of investment: 19,53%
Cost: Free
Active users: 25k

Finding racing tips

Finding racing tips may require some research, especially if you are looking to find racing tips with value. The problem today is that many people are just looking for racing tips with the hope of finding useful and lucrative racing tips.

Often you want free tips, and you usually end up on pages that explain this. The problem is that these pages are generally pages to avoid.

The reason is simple; there is usually no history or return of investment presented along with various racing tips. Something vital to being able to find useful racing tips. 

You simply need to be in the market. And you find out by analyzing profits along with losses.


Thus, it is essential to identify racing tipsters who have a history to show. However, you should take it carefully here because you do not know if history is correct. That a tipster has a good return of investment on his website is not strange. 

There are countless examples of this—tipsters who play with their numbers, simply. But of course, there are ways to identify these scams. That is why we have chosen to publish only two platforms on our site.

Platforms with racing tips 

The advantage of using various platforms is that they are usually more reliable than single tipsters with their websites or Twitter accounts. Since these platforms care about their reputation, they place high prestige in conveying correct figures.

They simply have too much to lose. Thus, there is no incentive for these platforms to lie about a single tipster’s figure. Instead, platforms tend to reward tipsters who are doing well. That way, you can be sure that you get legitimate racing tips.


Another problem that can arise when using various racing tips from professional tipsters is that the odds can disappear quickly. It is merely about giving good tipsters a lot of attention. And, a lot of attention will put pressure on the odds.

You should, therefore, be quick to place your bet. Most often, there are various apps for racing tips that can help here.

By using apps, you get access to various racing tips right after they are published, which is an incredible advantage if you want to jump at the right odds.

Professional horse racing tips

There are, therefore, several reasons to use professional horse racing tips. Mainly because you don’t have to do the analysis, these tipsters who are behind these accounts are usually very good. They spend considerable resources to find winning racing tips.

Besides, since they get paid for various subscriptions, they can focus entirely on finding racing tips. Something that individuals can only dream of. Therefore, there are plenty of reasons to make use of professional horse racing tips.

Free horse racing tips

Primarily looking for free racing tips can be counterproductive. Above all, it’s all about the odds. Tipsters who give out free horse racing tips (which is good) usually become very popular with other punters. This means that it can be challenging to get the right odds of various races.

That’s why many people choose to pay for tips. 

However, there are, of course, advantages to using only free horse racing tips. Since these racing tips are completely free, the risk is minimized. Then you do not have to pay for their tips.

Also, it can be useful to test free horse racing tips before deciding; you simply get a feel and experience about how racing tips work. 

Choose the right bookmaker

When betting on horse racing, it is crucial to choose the right bookmaker. There is, of course, a broad mix of various bookies that can give both good and bad odds. However, it can be challenging to identify a bookmaker that offers the best odds. Instead, bookmakers tend to give different good odds depending on the event.

But we have identified a bookmaker that we believe has value. 


Best bookmaker for horse racing.

BetVictor usually has the highest odds when it comes to racing tips. Also, this bookmaker gives a lot of free tips and bonuses to punters, which can be an enormous benefit.

Racing tips

It can thus be challenging to find the right racing tips if you do not know where to look. Therefore, we have only chosen to present two large and established platforms dealing with racing tips. Besides, you can get lots of free racing tips from these.

Both among free tipsters, but above all, you can get some free tips by signing up on their email list. There you get racing tips sent to your email.


Using tipsters is a phenomenon that is becoming more and more common. Not just when it comes to horse racing. Instead, the aspect of tipsters tends to increase explosively in all sports, although we find most tipsters when it comes to horse racing.

Many simply have an opinion about horse racing. Also, horse racing is the sport where bookmakers have the least control over the odds. It is simply a demanding sport to bet on.

Make money with horse racing tips

make money with racing tips

Making money with horse racing tips is something many people dream about. However, the truth is that very few people manage to make a return on horse racing tips. 

However, as tipsters and racing tips have become increasingly popular – more people have had the opportunity to earn some extra money on horse racing.

It’s merely about following the right racing tips.

And with racing tips, we talk about finding the best horse racing tipsters. Then it is long-term thinking. Winning racing tips takes time. Sometimes, it can take up to a year before you see a return. Therefore, racing tips should be considered an investment.

Accordingly, you must choose to copy racing tips from people with a transparent history and, above all, a lucrative one.

Return of investment 

Looking at the return of investment is the essential variable when it comes to horse racing tips. The reason is simple; it is the factor that determines whether the specific tipster makes a profit or not. 

An average return of investment, or ROI, should usually be 15-25 %. This means that for every £ 10 you bet, you get back £ 115-125. 

Established tipsters often have slightly lower ROIs than new ones. This is simply about anyone being able to show a high return of investment for a short period. The tricky thing is to maintain this return of investment over a long period. Something that only a few tipsters can handle. 

Strike rate

Another factor that may be good to look at when looking for racing tips is the Strike rate, primarily since the strike rate determines the risk with various racing tips.

A high strike rate means that this tipster frequently wins, which means that the probability of you going bankrupt is very low. It is usually about racing tips aimed at favourites.

A low strike rate generally involves higher risk. Then these tipsters are looking for underdogs. Remember, the return of investment is the essential variable. This means that a tipster with a low strike rate may have better profit than a tipster with a high strike rate, although the risk is higher. 

The reason is simply that it may take time for an underdog to win. 

How to find useful racing tips?

By using established tipster platforms. On these, you get access to racing tips from professional tipsters.
Besides, there are usually a lot of free tips on these sites.

Why use racing tips?

Many may find it challenging to obtain profit by themselves, so it can be advantageous to use racing tips from those who know what they are doing.

What to think about?

Only copy racing tips from tipsters with a high return of investment.